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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about services, types of speech/language areas, and what to do's if you are interested in speech and language therapy.

What is Speech and Language Therapy? 

Speech and Language Therapy can encompass the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of communication disorders ranging from speech sound production, expressive/receptive language, neurogenic disorders, and swallowing disorders.

How is "speech" different from "language"? 

"Speech" relates to how we say certain sounds and words. Therapy in "speech" revolves articulation (speech sound disorders), voice and resonance, and fluency/stuttering. 

"Language" refers to the meaning and usage of the communication we use, whether it is our spoken words, AAC devices, or nonverbal communication. Therapy in "language" revolves around the meaning of what we communicate, how to connect communicative phrases and words, how we can create new communicative meanings, and when to use those communicative meanings. 

How do I know that I, or someone I know, needs speech and language therapy? 

While it is important to understand the unique way in which everyone learns how to communicate, it can still be a anxious experience for families to watch their loved ones demonstrate difficulty in communicative actions.

Here are some questions to ask about you or your loved ones about their communicative needs and if  you need to schedule a consultation with a speech language pathologist: 

  • Is it difficult to understand the majority of what your child is saying?

  • Does your child know what they want to say, but demonstrate difficulty forming those words? 

  • Does your child stutter and are they aware of their stutter? 

  • Does your child demonstrate difficulty following directions, understanding what you are saying, or don't respond to simple questions? 

  • Does your child demonstrate difficulty knowing how to pair words together into phrases, creating new words, or understanding when to use certain words or phrases? 

  • Is it hard to make new friends, keep up in conversations, or understand the opinions of others that are not your own? 

I am an adult who is struggling with their communication skills at work. Do you offer any type of help?

Yes! Corporate speech language "training" is available for individuals who need help with their communication and social pragmatic skills in an office/work setting.

Does Level Up Speech Pathology Inc. take health insurance at this time? 

Our practice is currently private pay only and we are not affiliated with health insurance providers at this time. We offer a superbill option that allows families/caregivers to submit a report of pertinent therapy and health information to their insurance provider for partial reimbursement.

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