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Services Offered

Services & Fees: Welcome

We offer speech and language services that are evidence-based and individualized to our client's communication needs.

Medical Consultation


Initial Consultation: Free
30-minute Parent Trainings
IEP Support/Attendance
Community/School Trainings

We offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation for first time clients. During this consultation, you can use the time to ask questions, express your concerns, and receive feedback from the clinician on appropriate next steps. Consultations can be done in office, in home, or via a phone call/virtual meeting. 

We also offer parent trainings for families seeking additional information or assistance outside of therapy consultations. This can include going over the language and speech portions of IEPs

Speech Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy*

We offer: 

30 minute sessions

45 minute sessions

60 minute sessions

Individualized speech and language therapy will be conducted at the office, virtually, or in the home setting. Session time includes direct services with the last 5-10 minutes (dependent on session duration) used for parent/caregiver training/consultation. Parents are encouraged to observe (and participate) in sessions!


Speech and Language Evaluation**

Speech Evaluation:

Language Evaluation

Speech & Language Evaluation

Pragmatics/Social Skills Evaluation

Fluency Evaluations 

Comprehensive speech and language evaluations are available for office appointments. Each evaluation includes:

  • Standardized & Informal Assessment(s)

  • Oral Mechanism Exam

  • Voice and Resonance Checklist

  • Fluency Checklist

  • Pragmatics Checklist

  • Goals & Recommendations (including referrals)

  • Home/Community Programs (if appropriate) 

Business Presentation

Corporate Speech and Language Therapy

Contact for additional information

Speech and language training may also be available for individuals seeking to improve their communication or social skills in a work/corporate setting. We work on increasing speech intelligibility, appropriate vocabulary and sentence usage, problem solving/perspective taking, appropriate peer to peer interaction, and self-advocacy skills.

*Payment for therapy or consultations can be due at the end of session or at the end of the month. I accept cash, check, or payment electronically. 

**Payments for speech and language assessments are due at the time of evaluations.

Services & Fees: Services
Insurance Agent

Does Level Up Speech Pathology take Insurance? 

We are currently not affiliated with insurance companies. We offer superbill options for families requesting an invoice to send to their insurance for potential reimbursement based on your coverage.

Private Pay allows Level Up Speech Pathology Inc. clinicians the flexibility to work with families on what their loved one's communication needs are while using evidence-based research and best practices according to the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA).

If you are interested in a superbill, please check with your insurance company on speech and language treatments and evaluations. It is your responsibility to determine coverage as well as any preauthorization that are required to evaluate or treatment your child. 

Services & Fees: About Me
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